Success Series (2)

Korey Knepper |

Welcome to my success story series. This series is meant to be inspirational, and educational for people who might be in a similar situation. This person, let’s call her Janice, came into my office a couple of months ago. Janice makes around $90K a year, and she got divorced 5 years prior and had to file bankruptcy because of it. These large expenses, as well as the ongoing inflation battle found Janice in about $50,000 in debt outside of their mortgage, with about $28,000 of that from credit cards. Looking for a way out, Janice set up a meeting with me. We sat down and discussed the situation at hand, and that day started a goal of how to change Janice’s financial life around. Janice now has close to 5,000 in debt outside of the mortgage and will be debt free outside of the mortgage before 2025. Jill has also freed up about $1,000 a month to start investing. These investments, along with snowballing their debt payments, are projected to bring Janice’s net worth close to $200,000 within the next 10 years. In two meetings, Janice has gone from paying about $4,000 a month towards liabilities, to paying closer to $2,000 a month towards liabilities, and $1,000 a month towards building assets, and another $1,000 added to their cash flow every month to hopefully keep those pesky credit cards in a drawer where they belong. The plan is not done, it is always changing as life happens, but we have a great framework in place for Janice. If this story resonates with you because you are in a similar situation, just know that the start of your success story is just one meeting away. You can set up that meeting by using this link. As always thanks for reading!